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  • 2021-09-18
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RightTracks Inc.

RightTracks Inc. is a film score company run by music producer Tomonobu Kikuchi and based in Tokyo, Japan. The company was founded in 2015.
RightTracks has been responsible for the scores for a number of highly reputed
films including works with world-renown film directors Sion Sono and Hideo Nakata.

RightTracks has provided music for a wide range of productions including video games, animation, and commercials as well as movies.
RightTracks has five composers, each with their own unique style.
We also have a good team of producers, composers, and engineers that we can work with in a close relationship.

Kikuchi himself, the founder of the company, is also a music producer, music editor, lyricist, and composer.
RightTracks has worked with all the major Japanese film companies and continues to do business with companies such as Sony Music Entertainment, Sony Music Publishing Japan, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. , Japan Broadcasting Corporation, DENTSU INC., AOI Pro. Inc. , and others.

Tomonobu “Tommy” KikuchiMusic Producer / Music Editor

Tomonobu “Tommy” Kikuchi formerly served as Senior Director at Epic Records and Senior Vice President at Sony Music Publishing Japan.
He has worked on some of the most iconic titles in video game history. He produced the score for The Last Guardian, Resident Evil, Gran Turismo

and many more other works. Kikuchi’s illustrious credentials also include producing a number of Japan’s biggest pop stars.

He founded RightTracks Inc., a music production company in 2015.
Since then, he has been involved in a number of film projects. These include work with world-renowned filmmakers Sion Sono and Hideo Nakata.
He is also working on an AI assisted music composing system by Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.

Kenji KatohComposer

Kenji Katoh is one of Japan’s most promising up-and-coming composers.

His sleek musical style combines cutting-edge synths with cinematic orchestral writing, characterized byhis hip sensibilities nurtured during his early years playing in rock bands.

His extensive credits include the hit children’s series Shounen Ashibe: Go! Go! Goma-chan, the Netflixoriginal drama, The Forest of Love, the Amazon original series Tokyo Vampire Hotel, and the PlayStation4 hit Gran Turismo SPORT, which has sold over 8, million copies worldwide.

Kenji resides in Tokyo and is represented by RightTracks.

Yasuhisa InoueComposer

As an avid gamer, composer and saxophonist Yasuhisa Inoue especially excels at musical styles suited forthe interactive medium, from cinematic fantasy and wonder to modern orchestral hybrids incorporating world instruments.

His extensive credits include AAA games such as Final Fantasy XV and Gran Turismo Sports, as well as numerous film, television, and animation titles such as Legend of the Galactic Heroes and the AmazonPrime original Tokyo Vampire Hotel to name but a few. Also an accomplished saxophonist, he is active as a session musician lending his talents to various recording sessions and live concerts.

Yasuhisa graduated from the prestigious Berklee College of Music summa cum laude, receiving the Sadao Watanabe Award for his academic and artistic excellence.
Yas resides in Tokyo and is represented by RightTracks.

Saki FuruyaComposer

Recipient of the 2017 Japan Musical Education and Cultural Society Sound Creator of the Year Special Jury Award, Saki Furuya’s artistic foundations are rooted in cinematic orchestral music defined by memorable melodies and modern orchestration sensibilities.
Her diverse credits include scores for the hit children’s series Shimajiro no Wao!, and hugely popular iOS/Android games Magia Record by Aniplex and Wild Arms: Million Memories by Sony Interactive Entertainment.
Saki is a graduate of the prestigious Tokyo University of the Arts and has studied in masterclasses with Conrad Pope and Joe Kraemer among others. As an accomplished pianist, she enjoys performing live in her spare time, especially jazz and pop arrangements with fellow musicians. Saki resides in Tokyo and is represented by RightTracks Inc.



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